Doomsword helms deep testo

Goblinoid forces attack the fortress

aiming the tower with their evil missiles

Isengard banners and signs now shine

night is growing old on Helm's deep

Guthwine the blade of the mighty Eomer

Anduril the blade once broken now strong

King Theoden awaits for a last ride on his horse

Imminent dawn carries hope on Helm's deep

Will the horn resound?

Hear tremendous drums pound!


The battle at Helm's deep

Uruk-hai orks don't know their fate

Gandalf now returns on his gray horse

White rider brings with him the hope

The battle is raging in Helm's deep

Erkenbrand is coming with his red shield

Isengard's army now trembles in fear

From hills resound the horns of doom

A wood never seen

On the tresholds of Helm's deep

Resound the horn!