Mark schwaiger bitter sweet testo

Light gets in my room

The sun gets in eyes

No more traces of gloom

I miss the sunrise

Nice smell of coffee

Oh, it feels so good

The smoke of my cigarette

makes me think of me and you

I wear my blue jeans, my t-shirt and my shoes

Get out on the street

And looking for something new

There’s people walking hand in hand

I just feel upset

There must be so much love to give

And I can find it only in bed

I remember you told me

that our love would last forever

But it lasts as long as we lay in bed together

So don’t you worry,

I don’t need a true love story

Though it’s hard for me to believe

But those moments are over

The sunset smiles above me right now

I went through a tough day (tough day)

I don’t even know how

The bitter sweet fragrance of the liquor in my hand

Gets me to thinking we could never be only friends

We don’t really want each other (each other)

Can’t you see that reaction, we don’t bother

So don’t you tell, young fool

‘Cause it’s words you already knew

Then we know a lot of what we say

I love you—wow

I can’t say (I can’t say)

Everyone’s better for you

When I get out I see so many pretty girls

and they are better than you

Don’t you ever think I don’t feel no pain

‘Cause any time I take a look at you

Your eyes play the same old game

We don’t really want it, just

Can’t you see that we actually don’t matter

So don’t you tell me I’m a fool

Those are words you already knew

But know I lie when we say

I love you