Mellow Mood Testi

Mellow Mood Inna Jamaica Testo

Man affi reach di land of the sun hold a vybz in Jamaica

mi affi touch dung inna Jamdung build a house in Jamaica

Jam round yuh arms all ova mi

Jamaica rain all ova mi

sun rays all ova mi

yuh bring di joy enough fi mi

streets boss no badda mi

one drop a so we dweet

Jamaica yuh sweet

Kingston 6 dem call it

big up di friends dem weh deh inna Jamaica di fyah keep burning

a so we rock it and drop it till the morning

from the seaside straight to the yard

Jamaica mi love bad

Alright then book a way one ticket to Mobay

Mellow Mood and Richie Campbell haffi touch down a JA

then we go party a Kingston me just get pay

affi call up every woman tell dem link up right away

tell dem we nuh play man have a links a de la cree

we go party dung a jungle all Angola and Tivoli

every gyal a watch we

dem love the rasta yute dem weh dem see

me haffi tell dem seh a Mellow Mood a dem run Italy

Jamaica tuff Jamaica sweet

sun a boil ova the hills

zinc fence and aki tree

deh where the people fem a lean

streets dem full up a kids

before the ting a ling

Hope Road and Half Way Tree

Kingston 6 and Papine

if pineapple is sweet like a candy yuh deh a Jamaica

if the sunset mek yuh cry eye water yuh deh a Jamaica

if a dumpling between your jaws yeh yuh deh a Jamaica