Street Clerks Testi

Street Clerks Tuxedo Testo

Get up and run Tuxedo

You’ve still got time

Forget your sorrow

And leave all your past behind

You have a chance

To take that can make things right

Don’t let it pass you by

When you feel the weight

Of all the world

Is crushing you to the ground

Breathe a little deeper

And you’ll see the picture

Turning around

Ah, you love to sit

And wait just to see the world go by

Ah, but I see it in your eyes

Something that you just can’t hide

You can’t hide

When you’re in the thick of it

And everything appears to go wrong

Call me any time you want ‘cause

I am here to help you go on

Ah, you’ll find a better way

Just get out and take a chance

Ah, ‘cause what I’m trying to say

Is you’ve got everything it takes

So come on

You’ve got a rich imagination

And true good will

But making you decide

Is as hard as hell

You jump from a no to a wild desire

Do you ever wonder why

Ah, you love to sit

Amd wait just to see the world go by

Ah, but it’s written in your fate

You will find the strength to rise to light

To rise to the light